qShow: New Actions

Waterloo, ON Jun 06, 2018

Over a dozen possible actions to choose from

Waterloo, ON - Jun 06, 2018 - Today, quinju.com, the leading consumer platform for online home remodeling, annouced significant expansion of the qShow platform with over a dozen new actions available.

Until now, the qShow service focused mainly on delivery of information to consumer and the respective collection of information for businesses, starting today businesses will have a variety of actions to enhance their use of qShow

Collect leads, book appointments, Related Items as just a few of the new actions

A new aspect on many of the new actions is the ability for a business to directly collect a lead. Actions such as "Add Project Participant" and "Book Appointmemt" require the consumer to provide/share their information directly with the company. In additional to getting the lead, businesses still can use quinju dashboard and reporting to ensure they are prepared with the best options to win those leads and convert them to customers.

More examples of new action available are: Printing Info Packages, Automated Reminders, Social Media Engagement, Ask a Question. Most of the new actions are included as part of the basic setup for a qShow event at no extra cost, which is a great advantage for customers.

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