For homeshows and events exhibitors

Unlocking the power to engage with potential customers at any event like never before!

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New Tools

New interactive tools to connect with visitors, qualify your leads and achive better customer conversion results


Dashboard with smart analytics providing details from events and beyond will help focus on the best leads.

Lower Costs

Reduce event participation costs and increase efficiency of your team.

quinju.com qSHOW, can help get the most out events your company participates in by improving SALES LEADS generation!

Why qSHOW ?

Here are some of the ways we will change how your company experiences any event, homeshow or even customer interaction in-store, you get all these and much more!

Cloud Storage

Up to 250GB in space to store scannable material. That equals to approximately 150,000 standard size PDFs or hi-res pictures

Intelligent Booking

Smart Tools that make it simple for your customers to setup appointments or request contact


More ways to create and maintain a higher level of interaction with leads and customers generate more opportunities


Understanding how customers are interacting with your company, will provide vluable knowledge and generate more business


Real time metrics on how your organization is performing at events, showroom or even in-store


Powerful analytics to understand the big picture and help steer your company in the right direction

Simple pricing , no hidden costs!

Pricing for qSHOW depends on which features your company would like to activate. For detailed pricing Contact Us today!

Starting Prices (per event)
Item One Time Cost Monthly Cost
Setup Fee $600.00 -
Single Event Data (Snapshot) $600.00 -
Single Event Data (Snapshot) + 12 Months Real Time Access $500.00 $50.00

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