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Dream it...

Collect ideas anywhere and have them all organized and readly available in one place

Do it...

Keep track of everything and make sure your project stays on time and on budget

Record it...

Organizing home remodeling projects made easy, detailed records at your finger tips... anywhere, anytime!

No matter what your skill level is, quinju.com has the tools to guide you to success. Your home renovation binder on the go!

Dream it!

Like following a home renovation path, quinju helps you collect and then shape your dreams.

Stage 1: Inspiring

Dreaming starts as you're walking in a store, visiting a friend's house, flipping through a magazine or searching the web. Collect and organize your unique ideas from any source, anytime without limitations.

  • Collect Ideas:: Make your project uniquely you! Use quinju.com to collect ideas anywhere, anytime... the more the better!
  • Inspiring Articles:: For every project, quinju.com will automatically find related articles from our Article Library, useful information and inspiration directly in your project!
Inspiring Stage
Defining Stage

Stage 2: Defining

Dreaming is a fun and necessary part of your home renovation, shaping that dream takes you one step closer to reality.

  • Product Research :: Reality sets in... not all products are right for your project. Knowledge is power!

Why quinju.com ?

Some of the ways we will change how you see and do online home remodeling, you get all these and much more!

Q's in the Cloud

Inspiration often comes at the strangest time, be prepared to collect or access projects from any device in an easy home renovation planner tool.

Q's Organized

quinju.com has an organized structure that facilitates intuitive filing for gathering, storing and sharing information.

Q's got Direction

quinju.com guides you to success by following a proven, easy to use path. Your companion home improvement portfolio tool.

Q's in Control

quinju.com facilitates the collection, storage and organization of critical knowledge, empowering you by controlling every aspects of your renovation project.

Q's got a Book

quinju.com stores all your valuable project information, including project details, pictures, product specifications and warranties for future reference. Imagine the Book of my house available for you anytime, anywhere!

Q's got Tools

quinju.com provides valuable management tools to help with: project design, budgeting, communications, accounting, scheduling, tracking/recording the process. These tools are all interactive for quick and easy function.

That's the power of quinju.com !

Do it!

After your dreams are organized it is time to take action, quinju.com works as a home improvement project software that will ensure your project stays on the path by keeping you on time and on budget.

Stage 3: Planning

The detail during this stage is directly reflected in the finish product, take your time, do it right.

  • Installation Research :: Whether DIY or hiring a pro, success is not a game of luck. Success is a combination of knowledge and attention to details.
  • Material Quotes :: A bid spec allows you to better compare quotes. Once you have chosen your material suppliers, update your project budget.
  • Labour Quotes :: A wise man said: "the more writing, the less fighting". Clearly communicated expectations will make everyone happier.
Planning Stage
Implementing Stage

Stage 4: Implementing

Full steam ahead! There is no turning back now!

  • Material Orders :: quinju.com ensures you have fast and easy access to your information anywhere, anytime.
  • Labour Orders :: Clearly recording details and following the plan will reduce conflict.
  • Before you start :: Documenting the areas of your project before starting the work will prove invaluable. The best part? You can do it using the most suitable type of media: videos, pictures or even audio files!
  • Get it Done :: Effective planning encompassing knowledge, organization and attention to details, will ensure your project will be a success.
  • After Completion :: Capture your successes as you complete each milestone. Get your after images and videos to document results and to share with family and friends.

Record it!

This is one of the most exciting elements of quinju.com, by simply following the quinju.com path, your own Home Wiki is created and stored for future reference

My Home Records

Self-organized, detailed records of every piece of work and maintenance ever done in your home. All accessible from all your devices anywhere, anytime.
That is the Power of quinju!

  • Insurance :: substantiating your investment if disaster strikes.
  • Maintenance:: quickly locating warranties and service agreements.
  • Resale :: Get what you put into your home! With detailed records of all your work and care, you will maximize resale value of your home!
  • and much more... It is in your hands to keep adding all and any information you want to your Home Wiki
Keep Renovation Records

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