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Latest New Functionalities and Improvements

So, what's new?

List of the main new functionalities and improvements to your quinju.com service as of April 22nd, 2018

My Properties

We have introduced the concept of properties. Every project is now linked or related to a property. Why is this important? Besides making it easier to identify the project this also plays a role in future exciting changes.

Active Participants

Now when you add a contact to your project they will be able to actively participate by contributing with ideas, files, anything! You can control what is shared or not shared with your project participants. Also you see everything participants add to your project but they only see what you allow them to see. You are in the driver's seat!

My Notifications

Whenever anything new is added to your projects quinju can send notifications letting you know. You define how frequently you receive the notifications: immediate, daily, weekly or monthly. You can change it anytime, for example, when something important is going on and you need to know of changes right away, set it to immediate once things are at normal pace, set it to daily.

Improved Search

In virtually any screen with cards (Project Cards, Contact Cards, Property Cards, etc) we have introduced a new search field that dynamically selects the cards as you type, making it much simpler and easier to find anything. Simply start typing what you want and any cards that don't match the criteria will vanish leaving only the ones with the information you typed. :) NO MORE SCROLLING!! :) Well, unless you really like scrolling, then it is ok...

My Contacts

You can now find contacts that already have quinju.com accounts using their email. The contact card information is filled automatically, you can change any information you wish based on your relationship with the contact before you add them to your own contact list.

More Help

We addressed the problem of accessing help on small screen devices. No matter where now, help is always avaible from the menu and similar to the navigation bar, it is always contextual to the screen or function you are in. So whether you are on your PC or your phone, you can reach for help - always!

Project Image Gallery

Image galery has been improved with more accurate and specific information about your images: Which activity in which item and in which stage the set of images is related to. We have also added more image information on the slideshow so you know exactly what you are looking at when using the awesome full screen slideshow future!

Whole House Projects

Our method for organizing your projects has been improved to include both interior and exterior whole house projects. These new areas come with the most common items used and should make it much easier to track those kinds of projects. Thanks for letting us know!

Functional Improvements

We are always listening and excited to implement the little changes that make quinju.com faster, easier and more enjoyable to Dream, Plan and Archive your home improvement projects, keep the suggestions coming!

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