quinju.com Introduces qShow

Waterloo, ON Apr 23, 2018

Complete sets of information, right into your project with just one click or tap

Waterloo, ON - Apr 23, 2018 - Today, quinju.com, the leading consumer platform for online home remodeling, annouced their new business service aiming to expand their ability to collect and provide information within the home renovation and building materials industries: qShow

The new service is extremely versatile. Designed to support businesses organizing and participating in Home Shows, qShow is a full suite of services to faciliatet delivery of information and communication between companies and consumers.

Powerful features such as heat-map provide insights never seen before.

A company can store and catalog thousands of products and services. These are carefully categorized by the quinju team in cooperation with the customer. The result: any person with a mobile device can scan a "quinju code" or qCode for short and instantly access dozens of documents, images, videos, everything and anything about a product.

qCode - quinju.com

The application for this new service goes well beyond Home Shows. During initial pilot projects, it has proven very effective in Showrooms as a substitute for expensive catalogs and brochures. It can be used in printed media to enhance the message and deliver more value to customers. Another great advantage is that qShow technology allows companies to learn about what and how consumers are using or planning to use their products which was impossible by distributing brochures and catalogues.

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