qTarget service from quinju.com

Waterloo, ON Nov 22, 2017

Imagine delivering personalized messages to reach consumers in a deeper level!

Waterloo, ON - Nov 22, 2017 - That is exactly what, quinju.com, the leading consumer platform for online home remodeling, annouced with the launch of its new service: qTarget.

The model is based on leveraging massives amount of detailed project information quinju.com has in their consumer platform in order to create something that goes beyond customized offers. Being able to help companies craft personalized offers that speak to the consumer in a much deeper level.

qTarget provides a complete set of features to attract leads and generate value that drives closing rates up!

This service is a win-win for both businesses which will have the ability to offer much more meaningful offers increasing their chance of success and consumers which, as the adherence of businesses grow, will need to spend less and less time looking for deals and offers. Simply by having their project in quinju, they will have access to receiving trully personalized offers down to the color, material, budget and more.

qTarget provides business with other services as well. Ads delivery via high value articles with a unique geolocation and embeded marketing approach that greatly improves engagement and response when compared to traditional online ads.

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