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Innovative, laser focused marketing so you can find those already looking for your products or services!

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Define your target audience location as precisely as you wish for each campaign


Intelligent marketing algorithms to help you get more from your ad dollars


Predictable costs and specific results that help you grow your business faster

No matter how specific your target market is, quinju.com for business can help get you there FOR LESS!

Laser Focused Technology!


Do you know where the customers most likely to do business with you are?

Can you connect with only those with the right mind set to buy your product or service?

How about being able to choose with greater certainty of success who to market to?

quinju for Business can help you with that!

Get More from Every Dollar!


Why should you pay for wide ad delivery even to areas where you don't do business?

Can you measure the return on investment of your ad dollars today?

What if your ads weren't only ads but ways to deliver more value to potential customers?

quinju for Business can help you with that!

You are always in Control of your Message!


Understand your target market and define your ads to match it!

Imagine running promotions that are personalized to individual customers.

What if you could take the guessing game out of the equation?

quinju for Business can help you with that!

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