quinju.com launches qPro

Waterloo, ON Dec 18, 2017

A new service for renovators, contractors, retailers and professionals, that reduces the costs for developing leads into customers.

Waterloo, ON - Dec 18, 2017 - Today, quinju.com, the leading consumer platform for online home remodeling, annouced the introduction of a new service for businesses in the home renovation industry aiming at improving the conversion of consumer leads into customers.

The new service named qPRO is designed to help companies lower their cost of converting leads into customers. A typical problem in an industry with some many small providers where frequently the same person is trying to convert leads into customers at the same time that is trying to serve customers already sold.

You can quite literally put your leads on auto-pilot...

The end result is, with very few exceptions, businesses missing the opportunity of creating and managing their pipeline of opportunities. Instead, they operate always on getting the next business hoping it will be the type and size of business they need at that moment.

qPRO provides an easy way for any business to capture and qualify their leads so they can focus on delivering the work they have on their hands now, while the system helps them stay in touch and remain front of mind with the most valuable leads increasing their conversion success with the ideal customers as opposed to just finding the "next job".

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