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No matter what your skill level is, quinju.com has the tools to guide you to success. Your home renovation binder on the go!

Dream it!

As soon as an idea strikes, use quinju.com as your electronic home renovation binder!

Inspiring Stage

Inpiration is everywhere, be ready with quinju.com!

Collect and organize your ideas from any source, anytime without limitations.

In a store

Visiting a friend's house

Flipping through a magazine

Searching the web

No matter where or when, as easy as point, tap and done!

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Why quinju.com ?

Some of the ways we will change how you see and do online home remodeling, you get all these and much more!

Safe Cloud

Inspiration often comes at the strangest time, be prepared to collect or access projects safely from any device in an easy home renovation planner tool.

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Self Organized

quinju.com has an organized structure that facilitates intuitive filing for gathering, storing and sharing information.

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Contact Management

quinju.com guides you to success by following a proven, easy to use path. Your companion home improvement portfolio tool.

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That's the power of quinju.com !

Do it!

After your dreams are organized it is time to take action, quinju.com works as a home improvement project software that will ensure everything stays on track.

The key to success is having a solid plan!

Educating and informing yourself about your options on everything related to your home renovation is your path to success.

Product and Material research

Installation details and plans

Hiring professionals

Detailed quotes

Everything you need in right place to help you decide and move ahead with confidence!

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Inspiring Stage

More ways quinju.com make renovating easier!

Changing how you see and do online home remodeling!

Track Spending

quinju.com facilitates tracking of you renovation spending. Simply add the spending information as you upload your documents and you will have real-time view of your actuals.

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Project Sharing

Contacts in quinju.com can become active project participants. Whether it is a friend or family member helping with choices or a professional you hired, it is all done in one place.

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Project Archive

quinju.com stores all your valuable project information, including project details, pictures, product specifications and warranties for future reference, available for you anytime, anywhere!

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That's the power of quinju.com !

Record it!

By simply following the quinju.com path, your own detailed archive is created and safely stored for future reference.

My home records

Detailed records of every piece of work and maintenance ever done in your home. All accessible from all your devices anywhere, anytime.

Every product, color, service used in your renovations

Warranties and Manuals

Service agreements, Invoices and more...

Contact records

Whether you need to replace a product, invoke warranty or provide renovation information on resale of your home, you have piece of mind that you will find it all on your home archive in quinju!

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Complete Set of Records of Every Renovation - quinju.com

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